Mosaic Tiles Mississauga – An Affordable Alternative

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It seems to be that the trend in natural stone has been to use slabs. Of course, larger stone slabs are not without their own merits, but more and more people are starting to use marble, granite, limestone, quartz, and other stones in a different capacity. Mosaic pieces are as beautiful as any slab and offer customization options that can’t be matched by slabs. Mosaic is the beautiful art of creating patterns, designs, and images through the use of small pieces of glass or stone tiles. The practice dates back thousands of years, but through all the years it’s been around, it has always had a following, and for good reason.


The patterns and colours available through the use of granite and marble are amazingly diverse and can easily be used to decorate and improve any home. Choosing the right colour and pattern can be difficult at best when attempting to select a stone slab. The options are similar when utilizing mosaics, but offer a little more flexibility by mixing and matching different colours, patterns, and even textures. Choosing a natural stone mosaic design for your floor and countertop will provide you with all the benefits of a stone slab, but with an increased ability to personalize the surface to your specific tastes.


The fact that stunning stone products are naturally resistant to mold and fungal outbreaks easily provides the homeowner with comfort, knowing that the home is kept as close to allergen free as possible, in a world that seems to be becoming dirtier every year. Natural stone is among the most easily maintained and cleaned building materials around. With little more than a clean rag and some water, these beautiful surfaces are easy to take care of. The tiles themselves are mostly made from natural stone and are therefore waterproof and an ideal material for sprucing up kitchens and bathrooms. Even though natural stone is incredibly durable, accidents can still happen that would require repairs. Replacing one small tile is substantially cheaper than replacing an entire stone slab.


When selecting a new surface for your home, whether it is a floor, a countertop, a table, or even embellishments for your walls, functionality and permanence are at the foremost of importance, matched only by how a product looks and compliments other design aspects in the home. A natural stone mosaic can be custom made to fit any space and offers the same great strength, scratch and heat resistance, sturdiness, and resilience to fungal growths that slabs do, but are far more economically friendly. Mosaic designs can be applied to nearly any surface in your home. Some popular options include spicing up a dull area of your floor, customizing countertops, adding colour to your backsplashes, and creating exciting tabletops.
The next time you plan renovations, give some thought to mosaic tiles. This more financially feasible option can help customize your space while adding all the benefits of a natural stone slab. Speak with a reputable purveyor of natural stone products to find out how to start installing incredible mosaics throughout your home.